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EKB live at the Open Folk Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina

EKB live at the Open Folk Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emily Kate Boyd is an American roots-rock musician and songwriter. Her distinctive voice and imaginative lyrics assert her Tennessee upbringing, particularly in vocal jazz, blues and classic country.  

She has independently released five albums with contributions from Grammy Award-Winners Shawn Mullins and Clay Cook (Zac Brown Band). EKB recently returned to the USA after living in Argentina for two years, picking up a global network of creative collaborators along the way. 

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Her music has been featured by "On Being" with Krista Tippett.  Creative Loafing called her the "love child of Van Morrison and Ani Difranco". And (her hometown online rag) said this about Emily: 

Chattanooga native Emily Kate Boyd creates music with ties to the histories of country, blues and folk music-but even those genres seem to bend and twist around her bucolic narratives and gorgeous melodies. Her songs are stories with a commanding presence that can easily shift from aching emotionality to stark rationalization in a heartbeat. There’s something unpredictable in her voice, as if these songs were just the beginning of grand history and not the end; these stories continue on after the music ends, and we’re left with the uncertainty of their conclusion. And it’s this sense of questionable resolve that draws you back to her music time and again, ready to hear just one more note.

By JOSHUA PICKARD - Published on January 7, 2015

Beyond Music

Along with music, EKB received a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Georgia under the guidance of celebrated North American artist Radcliff Bailey and often sells her work at live events. In 2009, she apprenticed with SETH GODIN. Her work in South America includes spreading Godin-inspired ideas about the post-industrial age and composing music with South American artists who share her vision of hope and the power of art for change.

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